The Problem With Fake App Reviews

Do you consider that all users that rate a software are fair and objective? There are numerous users that rate a software without even experiencing it, especially if the app is free. Isn’t it wrong the truth that this game actually confuses other users? It will be perfect if app scores indicated the objective quality of that app and only people who have used that app were allowed to review and rate. Well, it’s never like this.


  1. Confusion.
    Every application market, including Android’s Google Play is suffering from this disease. Take into account the truth that some individuals want to produce jokes and they offer a 1 star to a software that has a pretty good score. Other folks may complain constantly and rate the app with 1 star. There are also kind hearted people who wish to help everyone and rate with 5 stars every app without experiencing it first. In most cases it’s wrong and does not help.
  2. Business is business

Fake apps are a method of advertising. From two apps, customers will choose the main one with the greater reviews and ratings. Nowadays, publishers can get Android app reviews. They pursue their interest, but this can be bad for others. Imagine the app to be mediocre. They buy reviews that are positive that may convince visitors to buy/download that app and those users are affected disappointments.

  1. Desperate times necessitate desperate measures.

Take into account the truth that everyone must generate income out of their app. It is like an examination where every point counts. Here’s like this: every rating and review counts buy google business reviews . Customers are tempted to trust the reviews and ratings and are influenced by what the reviews say about the app. It is just a common practice nowadays for publishers to ask their family and friends to offer reviews that are positive and to offer negative reviews to rival applications.


App reviews and scores are useless if users adopt a superficial approach towards them. It will be right for users to consider the good qualities and cons of the application form before rating it. There are also specialized websites that provide objective reviews.

The specialized application developers want to know what is good and what is bad about their application, they don’t worry about the amount of reviews and ratings because if their applications are popular enough, reviews and ratings will come automatically.

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