Barcelona Gaudi Concentrate — Casa Battlo.

After a visit to Barcelona, you’ll take away with you lasting opinion about Antonin Gaudi after viewing a few of his works dotted around town – he was a genius, and far ahead of his time. From the unfinished masterpiece which will be the Sagrada Familia church, the superb Park Güell and also the”Stone Quarry” of the Casa Mila, Gaudi’s work is unmistakable. His dad had been an ironmonger and this is apparent in many of his works like the downtown Palau Güell along with the balconies of La Pedrera, however, Gaudi also had an obsession to comprise as many natural types in his structures as you can.

Casa Battló stands proudly on Paseo de Gracia, number 43, only a few blocks from La Pedrera. It’s a relatively narrow construction in contrast to a number of the other magnificent edifices on Barcelona’s most exclusive street but nevertheless manages to stand out among its neighbors. The facade is a colorful explosion of blues and greens and comparisons are made to Monet’s water lilies painting, for example together with the analogy that it seems like a stone has been thrown into the water and the resulting ripples of color are represented on the facade. The balconies here, too, are elaborated in wrought iron, each 1 cast in one piece and making the nickname”The house of Masks”. The frontal structure in sand-colored stone bears an immediate resemblance to bones – Gaudi using natural kinds in his work. Even the windows have earned the house another title”The house of yawns” due to their look as big open mouths.

As many men and women know, Gaudi did not leave any part of his work to custom, and it is perhaps most obvious here, with the magnificent roof. The patron saint of Catalonia is Saint George, and Gaudi pays homage to him making the tiled roof of Casa Battló seem like the curved scales of the dragon’s back, complete with the cross of Saint George’s sword embedded in the back and shielding the old residence of the Battló family.

Visitors may follow a sound tour of the house that contains a tour of their first flooring, the attic, the rooftop and chimneys which are available through the first elevator designed by Gaudi, or the big, open stairwell that’s tiled all the way to the huge skylight above.

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